Thursday, December 30, 2010

why a blog?

I am not a blog reader... I only catch people's blogs when I see a random tweet or facebook post about one and I have extra time on my hands.  I don't expect to have an audience or "subscribers" as this website calls it.  I write because I have things to say.  I write because I have a voice and yet sometimes the best way for me to articulate that voice is through the gift of writing.  Writing is the best therapist I could ever have.

I recently realized that something in me was changing.  I almost did not recognize myself.  I looked into my mirror and the person staring back was a face that I did not even know anymore.  Maybe it's because I have stretched myself too thin over the past few years, or that I have worn so many different hats that I no longer knew if I was coming or going, or maybe it was that I am just getting older.  I don't have all the answers, but I know enough to realize that I needed to figure out who this Rachel was, and align it with who I want to be.

In many ways I am that person, but the problem is I don't take any time to understand who that person truly is.  Am I who I am because this is who I want to be?  OR is it because it is what is expected of me? 

I still want the things I have always wanted - to love and be loved while making the greatest impact I can for Him...

2011 is an opportunity to figure out what that dream looks like now.  I am only good to others, if I am good to myself.  2011 is a chance for me to be the best me I can be me for me, and then use that to love others well...  So, here we go.  Thanks for joining in my journey.  It's time to share my story, it is time to stop procrastinating... I have words that need to  be written.

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