Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chapter 4.5ish - the other side of the coin

Chapter 4.5ish - The side story: the other side of the coin

I feel it very important to talk about some other significant details that occurred during this time frame because to understand my life is to understand ALL of it - not just the relationship side of it.  There were other important things that helped shape me during those years.

When I was 18 and pregnant with Jacob I made my first "big" career move - leaving the store I managed at the mall and going to work as an executive assistant at a commercial real estate firm.  That job allowed me to explore my creativity in marketing, business planning, and networking.  I had transferred from the university to the local junior college.  

I still wasn't convinced I wanted to finish my degree.  I was making a lot more money than most of my peers (although now looking back at what I was making I have to giggle at my ignorance).  I was really good at what I did.  I don't say that about a lot of things, but I am a hell of an employee, :-).  

My boss was one of the best in his field, and he saw potential in me.  He was rigid with me when he needed be, but he taught what it meant to work hard and work within a multi-million dollar budget.  He taught me what it meant to work with business leaders - people who expected excellence who wouldn't settle for mediocrity.

In high school I was an honors student, in every scholarly club, and had a bunch of scholarships.  I lost a few of them when I left the university, but being pregnant and having so many changes I needed to transfer.  

I decided to take off a few months when I had my son, and decided to pursue commercial real estate full-time.  I went to school and became a realtor. About this time, at age 19, my son was a few months old and I got a call from my old boss.  

He was opening up his own firm, and wanted me to come help him with it.  And so, I did, for about a year, and then I realized I needed a job that offered a little more flexibility.

The first few months of my son's life he was a sickly kid.  Allergic to formula, frequent ear infections, all sorts of food allergies.  I have had a constant struggle since having kids of being absolutely torn between working and staying home with them.  

I was working a lot.  I was doing the very thing I never wanted to.  I wasn't being as present as I needed to be.  Reflecting back to the feelings I had as a kid of my mom working all the time, and I was doing that very same thing. I made a change.  I accepted a position doing human resources within a ministry.  It was a good position for me during that season of my life.

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  1. I'm so proud of you for doing this. It takes real an true courage to put your story out there. Thank you for having the strength to be you.