Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chapter now revisions

Chapter now revisions - my self-sufficient cycle

As I've re-read yesterdays post I found some significant errors in my writing - and by error i don't mean grammatical ones (although I know there's plenty of those too)... I mean heart ones.

As I sat in church tonight I realized I started falling back into a horrible habit with the trials I've had the past week... I started believing that I could sufficiently handle them.  I started relying on my own strength, my own ideas, my own coping mechanisms -- all in all I was focusing on me and not on Him.

It's the nature of that "survival" instinct that all too well tries to creep in every time crisis hits.  The problem with my version of survival is that most of the time it is when my faith either soars or tanks.  And not because I doubt God and His word, but because I allow my eyes to be taken off Him.

All it takes is one glimpse away from Him for me to lose perspective, so here is my correction of errors:

I am okay, I always am - because I'm always a child of God.  His will, direction, and plans are proof of that.  

Thanks, Lord, for reminding me I'm not in control, I can't be, and I don't need to be.

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