Sunday, January 30, 2011

(flash): fwd --> a dream is a wish your heart makes

(flash): fwd

I sit her wondering and dreaming.  Ready to hear a big secret dream??

Well, me too.... 

It's going to take a lot of prayer, research, commitment, structure, and creativity -- but the dream includes me, you, a coffee shop, inspiration, pizza, tutors, art, people, teenagers, love, learning, clothes, classes, community, food, dignity, LOVE, hope, volunteers, and a heart for all of them.

The dream includes a lot.  It needs a lot of refining, a lot more prayer, and a lot of structure... It's still a dream, you know, and for right now a dream is all it needs to be.  But it's my dream and it keeps coming to heart and mind.

It just felt like a night to share a dream with you.  A dream I'm going to put more thought to, a dream that has potential to be a reality, a dream that needs perfect timing (timing that probably is years away).  

All this to say, keep hold of your dreams - God plants them for reasons.

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