Monday, March 14, 2011

Drought...a season of thirst

Drought... A season of thirst

Several people asked me how I was doing today, and I just wanted to be honest.... I'm doing "blah", and "I'm doing blah very well, thanks".  Instead I of course responded the usual way - "I'm great, and you?"

A word came to my mind tonight - drought...  

My life is flourishing all around me, and I'm the one patch of sandy dusty soil waiting to bloom into a fresh attitude - greener pastures..

To be in a drought means that I'm thirsting...which is so true.

In fact I started anxiously awaiting greener soil so much that I forgot that being in a season of waiting or in the valley or a self-induced pit :) is usually a time that God is trying to show me something.  I always look back at seasons like this and realize God was working on me...  

And since I don't have all the answers and can over-analyze everything and anything I am choosing to find some way to embrace this season... Knowing full well -- in my weakness His power is perfected.

So, I'm leaning...on His promises...  There are so many blessings in my life, and I'd be a fool to not count them daily.  Even though I'm feeling very "blah" I know that He promises that there will be seasons of joy, seasons of grief, seasons to cry, and seasons to celebrate... 

Every day I'm learning more about myself, about grace, about stepping backward, and choosing my battles.  About how small I am, how big He is, how I can abide and be obedient in ways unimagined.

I'm blessed to have an awesome hub and fam and friends who continually remind me that I am in fact perfectly normal, :-)... And also remind me I think way too much.  Let's see if I can turn my mind off a bit...  This blog post is moment one of turning off the many directions my minds been circling in..  It's time to take a few days to be overly aware of resting my thinking cap.

Goodnight amazing friends.

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