Sunday, March 20, 2011

Minnie Mouse sweatshirt: My Christmas angel

The Minnie Mouse sweatshirt: my Christmas angel

Someone asked me the other day, "where do you think your desire to love people in need started?"

I think there are a lot of ways any person could answer this.  

However, for me, one specific memory keeps coming to mind.  I was 3 or 4 and my mom and I went to the mall (back then the only mall around was in Fayetteville).

While walking through the halls, I remember seeing a beautiful Christmas tree filled with bright decorations of green and red.  Amongst it, were little angels all around.  I looked at them and saw one with my name on it - Rachel!

I remember asking my mom, "what are those?  Why is my name on it?"

I believe this was the first conversation my mom and I ever had about need in our community.  She explained to me that the angels represented kids in our community who didn't have a lot.  They were kids people could buy presents for on Christmas.  "The Rachel on the tree is a different Rachel who is 12, honey."

I remember thinking "how could this be?  I wanted to help.  I wanted to help this other Rachel".  Because I have been shown love, I should show love.

My mom agreed, and said that it was a good idea to get an older kid adding "most people never get the older kids off the trees".  Planting a seed of my passion for kids?  Maybe (nothing is coincidence).

I got so excited shopping for my angel.  I don't remember much about what we bought our angel except one specific thing - a Minnie mouse sweatshirt that I remember begging my mom to buy for her.  And without much debate, the Minnie sweatshirt was added to her gifts.

You see - people serve when they understand need - when we can have an experience where we can relate to those who just need love or care then we become passionate about being a part of the change.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to teach our kids about this as well.  We need love and care and others need love and care - it is really that simple of a concept.  The challenge is "action".

We all must act to make change.

So, friends, what is your story?  How do you serve?  What was your first experience serving someone else?  How have others shaped your life by serving you?

It can be as simple as a sweatshirt, :)

If we have been loved and cared for, it is our responsibility to do the same for others.

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