Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now: a few thoughts

A couple thoughts

Leading into tomorrow knowing the severity of an open heart surgery on my grandpa I have a few overwhelming thoughts...

1) I can't help but feel peace as people have been praying -- we feel those prayers.  Please keep them up.  My only thought is not about the outcome of the surgery but the outcome of His kingdom's cause through this - in His will, His timing, all to His glory may this all be directed

2)  Crisis has a way of strengthening or breaking a family.  We are blessed in our case that amidst the chaos and craziness our family loves one another fiercely.  The combination of all our weirdness fits into a beautiful mosaic of what family means

3). I can't help think that this may have been part of Gods greater plan for my job.  On Monday I let work know that I could not wait until May to be off and shortened my notice.  This was before we knew anything about my grandpa having any issues.  I now can't help but think that God's timing is always better than my own.

4). Laughing is the best medicine.  Before I left the hospital I was in the room alone with my grandparents.  We all three laughed so hard as both grandparents griped and then hysterically laughed over everything from the tv to the light to the "damn" bathroom.  I helped my grandpa brush his teeth and tucked him into bed.  We smiled at one another and said "I love you" and believe it or not I knew God was there.  I needed that moment

5).  Sleep.  It's now time to go to sleep, if only for a couple hours. Please continue your prayers friends.  You all amaze me.  Much love

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