Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tonight: a lesson in bold obedience

Tonight: a lesson in bold obedience

As I sat and visited with some old and new friends tonight I could not help but be totally encouraged and aware of their amazing examples in faithfulness and obedience.

While I wonder and stamper to make day to day decisions wallowing in a sea of self-deprivation, worry, and doubt over piddly things - I watch friends boldly step closer to Him...  Because their not afraid to walk through the open doors God presents to them.

Many times I find myself having to know that I know that I know that I know it's the right decision instead of trusting the overwhelming impulses He fills me with.  It takes courage to have the kind of faith some of my friends exhibit.

One friend leaving her job and starting a home-based business because she knows God is calling her to, another opening herself up to volunteering and serving in a new capacity because she knows it's a God thing, and another clinging to her passion regardless of the frustration it sometimes brings.

I want that kind of strength...  I said that to steve and he laughed saying, "I think you have it... You just don't think you do."

This kind of strength comes from one place and one place alone - Him.  In His strength all is possible.  I want to embrace that and run in it's direction.  

I'm praying that kind of strength fills me.  I'm praying I can trust, act, and be obedient.  Timing and choices 

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  1. Rachel, I agree with Steve! You are amazing, and I know God has some awesome things in store for you guys. I'm praying for you too! =)