Saturday, March 26, 2011

"you've got to love His cause more than your own"

"You've got to love His cause more than your own"

I wrote that line in my journal in the 10th grade.  It's amazing to go back and read some of the things God has laid on my heart over the years.

In the same journal entry I asked God to mold and coach me.  To let me learn to follow so that someday I might could lead.

I also wrote "I want to be a champion.... Champions are people who get behind the Coach and His agenda.  I want to be unstoppable for His vision."

I still want those things.  I am so very grateful God is opening up the doors He has laid before me.  Looking at the coming months with so many unknowns with quitting my job, staying home with my kids, praying for the right part-time position, and pouring myself into planning and volunteering at Autumn's ReRide where I feel God is calling me to spend time serving.  At the same token, Steve and I feel called to begin fostering in our home at some point in the coming months.

I am taking some huge leaps towards what I am feeling called to do.  

AND Logical Rachel crunches all the numbers, thinks about what this will look like to my career long-term, and prays I have figured out my finances correctly to be able to swing it.

BUT I am beginning to realize there is this other side of me that's becoming even more aware and present - TRUSTING Rachel..  I know that whichever direction God takes us in I have a peace that it will be the perfect course.  So rereading this old journal post could not have come at a better time!!!!

Here is to putting His cause before my own.  I am trusting that it will be exactly as it is supposed to be. :)

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