Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fast:: a break from this world

Fast - a break from this world 

For many years of my life I haven't made Easter about Easter...  

This is a season and "holiday" that should be even more significant than any other - a time of remembrance and humbling for the sacrifice our King has done for us.

I usually don't participate in a formal lint - or abstain from specific things for a matter of time during this season like many of my friends do -- mainly because I find it hard for me to make something personal if I know everyone else is doing it.. Also, it has to be a heart issue for me not just something I'm checking off my list.

  So many of my friends make this such a sweet time of surrendering with the Lord but I have always struggled doing it corporately.

I know I'm weird.. I look at most things sideways :-/

BUT as these weeks have led up to the remembrance of our sweet Lord and the promise of His return - I have felt a strong conviction to fast in my own way this week.  I need to make this a week of steady focus and cling hard to gratitude and reflection.

I am choosing to spend some time fasting from food for a couple days this week.  Those who know me well - know that food has always been a stronghold in my life serving as a major source of comfort to me.  I've struggled with my weight a lot after having kids and food has easily become a best friend and worst enemy to me.  It takes up too much of my time and too many of my thoughts.  Probably the biggest barrier between me and the Lord is the idol of food in my life.  

As I think back to Jesus and the disciples' last supper I think about how food was used as a tool for a Christ-centered relationship.  It was not a source of frustration or gluttony - it was a tool to remember and to know Him.

So this week on Tuesday and Friday I choose to only partake in small amounts of bread and juice or wine.  My head and heart feel called to be still, to remember, to sit with my Lord quietly.  

I look forward to really celebrating Easter this week, :)

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