Tuesday, April 12, 2011

grace, love, & tattoos

grace, love, and tattoos

People get ink for all sorts of reasons... Growing up I dreamed of having a tattoo maybe because it sounded cool or because I was raised to believe they were off limits therefore it was somehow more appealing, or maybe just maybe -- it was something else, :)

As an adult I reached the conclusion that the only way I would get inked is if I knew that it was something that was honoring to the Lord.  If I'm going to permanently change my body it better be for a dang good reason and it better be something I can live with my whole life without regret.

So after years of toying with the idea I landed on getting one -- a trinity symbol with the word agape running through the middle on my mid-back behind my heart.  I got this with my sweet Steve on our honeymoon.  It seemed appropriate that the love of my  life was included in a tattoo that symbolized the number one Love of my life.

After a few months I had the desire to get another one, but this time the desire came with another agenda...

What if I can use a tattoo to tell my story?  The story of what Jesus has done for me and what if that story can impact someone else.  What if?

Because let's face it - how often can we really be part of ministry and relationships with others if we can't be relatable.  If I was getting another one it had to serve an eternal purpose...  And so grace happened.

The word "grace" defines everything in my life.  If you have read my other posts that's easy to see, haha.  

So in my own handwriting I wrote the word grace and had it tattooed on my foot.  These feet have been through a many steps of both joys and challenges and with each step grace played the ultimate role.

A couple days after I got this I had the cashier at walmart ask me, "who is grace?"

My reply, "grace is my whole reason for being here today actually" -- which led to an even deeper conversation which led to her asking about church and some deep questions!

A few days later an elderly man at church asked "is that thing on your foot real?"

"yes sir it is.." I replied smiling just waiting for disproval.

"that's a great witnessing tool."

"so it is, sir.. Thanks"

What if a tattoo was the tool for a relationship?  And that relationship led to the Ultimate relationship...  What if we looked past stereotypical notions in society and used ourselves to be something far greater than what we imagined.  What if...

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