Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recipe to my heart

Recipe to my heart..

A quick note to say my heart melted this morning!

Today was my first Saturday ever getting to be the chef at Samaritan/Cobblestone soup kitchen/cafe.

There were so many awesome volunteers there to help!  I got to make all my family recipes of meatloaf, cheesy potato casserole, sweet corn, and cinnamon/brown sugar carrots.

We kept getting requests from one table for more of the potatoes, but since I was working in the kitchen I didn't get to see who they were for we just kept dishing them.

A little while later a woman and her grandson came to the door of the kitchen...  "can we speak to the chef, please?"

Everyone pointed to me.  "how can I help you guys?" 

The little boy (just a tad older than my son) smiled up at me with his missing toothy grin and said "can I have your recipe?"

If I had any doubt that my time was meant to be spent there today -- it vanished with this request.

I sat for a while with the grandma and boy.  We talked about cooking, life, and our community.  My day was spent well.  Thank you Lord for this opportunity.

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