Monday, May 30, 2011

The little red fire extinguisher...

The little red fire extinguisher...

So as part of the process for foster care certification we had to buy a fire extinguisher...  Yet it wasn't until today when we actually picked it up that my wheels started spinning.

And although this might seem extremely cliche I thought of the fire extinguisher and the many metaphors it held.  We have to have it in case we ever have a fire, but in a sense being a foster parent is the same.  

Foster parents are given the responsibility of keeping children safe, who are probably used to crisis and chaos with the intent of being a short-term fix...  Just as the extinguisher is to help fight sparks before they become large-scale burns or disasters such as the support for these innocent kiddos stuck in disaster.

One of the most pertinent things about fostering children is being able to stand behind the re-unification of children to their families.  It's not just about the kids, but really the entire family.  And although we are open to adopt children out of foster care, that is definitely not the main priority for us...

Our priority is to provide a safe haven for kids while their parents are getting healthy.  So in a way, being a foster parent is exactly like being the little red fire extinguisher we purchased today.

Never in a million years would I have thought as a teenager that today God would have led me here, but I'm so incredibly thankful He has.

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