Thursday, May 5, 2011

[loving] the fatherless | [our] journey to foster care

[loving] the fatherless | [our] journey to foster care

My husband and I have been in much prayer over what it would look like to care for the fatherless for us.  Do we adopt?  Do we pray?  Do we financially give to others who may be adopting or caring through some sort of project?

Or do we do something else?

The idea of foster care did not just pop into our minds one evening.  :) 

A few years ago we had the opportunity to buy Christmas gifts for two teenagers- a brother and sister.  When we were given their names and we were shocked to see them as Stephen & Nicole.  My middle name & my daughter's middle name is Nicole, and of course my husband's name is steven.

This not so coincidence ended up not just being Christmas gifts either.  It led to my husband and I being able to mentor them and celebrate birthdays with them.  We got to meet weekly with them.  We got to show love to them.

Then summer came, and they moved.  We later found out they were taken into DHS custody.

We were shocked.  What did we need to do to help?  What could we do to foster?  Yet at this point - there was no organization like "The Call" here to help us.  We found ourselves stuck in a system that didn't make sense, and eventually found ourselves frustrated without answers.  Then, the kids were gone and because we weren't family we didn't get to know where or why.

Since that point, steve and I have talked and prayed over ways we can break the system of kids having to feel unloved or sleep on the floor of the DHS office because their weren't enough homes able to take foster kids.  The Bible mandates us to care for the fatherless and the orphan.  So how can we deny His commands for us?  We can't.

We have the opportunity to open our home to an innocent child and provide them with love and stability.  Our biological kids will have the opportunity to see firsthand how even as young children that they too can model Christ's love to their peers.

So, we are just starting the process and we have a couple months worth of training to go, but we will pray for Gods perfect timing in our approval and hopefully by fall we will be able to see this journey come full circle.  We appreciate your prayers as we move forward.

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  1. Very cool, Rachel! Can't wait to hear more about your journey. Prayers headed your way :)