Thursday, June 2, 2011

Enough is enough...

Enough is enough...

Anyone who has known be for years knows that before I had kids I never struggled with my weight, or food, or self image...  I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted, and I never got bigger than a size four.

I gained forty pounds while pregnant with my son, since then almost 7 years ago, that number has just continued to rise...

Month by month my weight fluctuates drastically, and I've gone back and forth from being a size 8 to a size 14 for the past several years...  Fad diets, extreme diets, excessive exercise, tears, and sweat and the same results = short-term results that fade fast.

I almost had myself convinced that I didn't mind being bigger... "Coming to grips" with knowing I'll never be small again... But today, as I sat in bed all day sick, I came to some conclusions....

1) I do hate being overweight.
2) I don't have the self control I would like to have when it comes to food
3) food has become an idol of sorts in my life
4) I do deserve to lose weight if that's what will make me happy
5) I am my own worst enemy and my own best solution when it comes to facing this
6) I can and will make a change - it is time, it's overdue, I am worth it 

So, with that said I have a new motto - eat less, move more.  

I'm absolutely tired of guilting myself on every bite I eat... So, starting Monday I'm going to be sensible, engage in routine exercise, drink water, and watch my portions.

Anyone interested in helping me stay accountable, i would love to help me.  I am not saying I'll never eat foods I love, but I am saying I am ready to work on letting go of this stronghold.  I had an overwhelming feeling God placed on me today to just "trust He will take care of this area of my life".  So, I'm ready to walk in that promise.


  1. cool exactly how I feel I saw a guy Bob Greene on one of the talk shows and he said before you can lose any weight you have to find the root of why we eat, I eat when I'm stressed, unhappy, or sad. If we don't start with the route we will never be successful in losing weight. Makes sense food is a source of comfort. Then it's not about numbers but like you said plenty of exercise, watching our portions and lots of water. Eating 5 small meals a day is better then 3. Make sure your not hungry then we tend to nibble. I would love to help you I'm working on changing my attitude as well.

  2. Whoa, lady. We must be on the same wavelength. I just bought a bike and new running shoes this weekend. I'm thinking about signing up for a 5k so I'll have something to work toward.