Thursday, June 16, 2011

eye of the tiger...

As I sit here beginning my post for today, "Eye of the Tiger" begins on Pandora... It is fitting really because what I have to type today needs some good theme music.

"So many times it happens too fast, you trade your passion for glory...."

Why do we do what we do?  Why do we have the jobs we have?  Is it because of a calling, a paycheck, a sense of fulfillment or success, or a means to provide, or something else?

All of my life I have worked full-time, many times more than one job.  So, now that I am home more and only working part-time I obviously have been questioning a lot on the different motives people have for work.  I have a hard time understanding the connection some people have to their jobs. 

I have been incredibly blessed to do many occupations that I really have had a love for and a purpose in of helping others, but I just don't know what that would look like if I ever went back to work in the corporate world.  The corporate world is where I started.  I was a heavy hitter in that world too, but it got very old very quick.  So, help me here, what is it?  What drives us to our specific professions?  Culture?  Skills?  A sense of personal expectation?

Someone asked me recently, "what do you plan to do after the summer when your kids go back to school?"

I have no clue. 

For the first time, EVER, in my life, I don't WANT to think about which direction I may be headed.  I just want to see where the wind blows me.  Is that crazy?  Probably.  I just know that between foster care, keeping up with my own home, volunteering, and being fully engaged in my kiddo's lives that right now --- I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

It helps that I work part-time for a wonderful organization that promotes family in everything they do. 

So again I am swimming in a sea of unknowns, but these are really great unknowns.  I am not drowning, I am just hitting my stride in riding the waves :-) and I am loving it.

So today - I encourage you - be passionate it is so much more rewarding than the glory.

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  1. As the me that I am, I completely understand all of what you have shared today. I never fit in the corporate anything and even in nursing, didn't feel I was doing FULLY what I was called to do. As a SPED para, it ebbed and flowed, still not the place where God fully wanted me to be. Having said all that, all those particular and chosen things were "school" for the calling God had laid out for me,I just had to "Be still and know".:-) He has equipped you for a special purpose and being the "you" that exists today, draws you closer and closer to that path that the Lord has designed especially for you and you alone. More importantly, closer and ever nearer to Him. :-) I love you Rachel Cox and this is sooo exciting to be part of your journey in a little bitty way. I LOVE WHAT GOD IS DOING WITH YOU! :-)