Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tick tick tick

tick tick tick...

I wanted to give everyone an update on our foster care journey... If you read my earlier post "hurry up and wait" you were given a taste of this process.

Learning to be patient and prayerful is incredibly exciting, and challenging, and humbling.  I find myself in daily prayer for the children God will bring to us.

  I woke up a few nights ago and realized I had dreamt of two kids that God brought into our lives that we were able to adopt through foster care.  The dream felt so real maybe it will be.

I never imagined myself with a house full of kids but now I can't imagine it without it.   Each day we pray that God will equip us for whatever challenges await... But we also pray for the victories to be had through changed lives in this.  We expect our lives to be changed just as greatly as the kids that join us.

I have had much joy in watching some of my peers be able to adopt some terrific kids out of foster care.  In the same token I have watched another foster family deal with one of their children being diagnosed with a horrible illness.  This is where we have to trust that God is calling us into unknowns and that He has equipped us in our joys and our challenges for whatever this might bring.

I am struggling a little with wanting to embrace this "waiting" phase but again I constantly remind myself to trust the process.  This weekend we have our second round of training and then will finish up in July.  Lastly. a home study...  

For those who want to pray I ask for the following prayers:

- prayers for our kids that they continue to learn and understand what is on the horizon and are able to transition healthy to these changes

- prayers for steve and I to not grow weary, to be equipped in our journey, and keep open hearts for learning as much as we can through our trainings

- prayers for the kiddos who are out living in their challenging situations that God would protect them and guard them

Time keeps ticking, and each day is that much closer.

We love you guys,


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