Monday, July 25, 2011

need vs want

need vs want

The other day at church the pastor asked us to think about one thing we were dissatisfied about in our life that we wish we could change or something we wish we had.  

I hate to admit this but the first thing I thought of was having a new car..  I have had my car for 8 years, I bought is used --  it's now pretty worn, it only has 3 good seat belts (out of 5), lots of dents, been through both kids during their toddler years, close to 200,000 miles and it's just not big enough especially when we begin fostering.

I felt guilty for being discontent about my paid off vehicle when many people don't even have a vehicle, but then I felt like God said, "no Rachel, it's a practical need not a want... It's okay to want something you need.  Just wait."

This whole "need versus want" thing is a challenge for me... 

Because all I "need" is shelter and clothes and food... And everything else is a want... That list is a lot longer...

This is where the question of contentment and trust plays it's grand role in my life.  If I am to be content and faithful that God has brought us into this foster care journey, then I also am to be content and faithful for His hand of provision or not...

Meaning whether God decides somehow to bless us with a new awesome suv or van (yes I said "van" and I'm sad I'm actually giving into the reality I might drive one).. OR whether He let's us keep my old hoopty and makes a way- I am to be content with it... Hmm.

So do I need a new car or do I want it?


And I'll be content no matter the outcome.  

Still praying for the child who is out there waiting... Please pray with us :)

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