Thursday, July 14, 2011

A single spark

A single spark...

When I was a kid we often went camping, and one of my most favorite things to do while camping was set outside of the fire pit and watch the flames dance and sparks fly.

It intrigued me.  I was mesmerized by the colors and crackling and the concept of how one single spark had started it all.

As an adult I  often wish I still had that same sense of wonder and awe about things... Laying in bed for the majority of the past two days sick really put me into a nostalgic funk of sorts which led me to reminiscing my childhood fascination of fire.

And as I laid there remembering, God set off another light bulb to me.  

A single spark can light a wildfire that can stretch on for miles and across states.  That spark lights other sparks and the light and glow can continue on and on.  It takes one spark continuously lighting the next for the pattern to continue.

Not too much of a prophetic light bulb?  But to me, it was just that...

Someone recently asked me, "so you are jumping on the adoption trend bandwagon, too?"

Adoption trend... At first I was kind of offended... I think my response went something like, "if by trend, you mean following a calling to help rebuild families, then sure..."

But as that question has circled my mind the metaphor of sparks keeps replaying itself.

I think I am one of those sparks.  And maybe it was other sparks (families who have gone before me) that made me realize that I could be a light for a child who needs it through fostering.  Families willing to teach us and support us and empower us through His call.

The need for foster families is continuous because many foster families adopt kids through foster care and then close.  And that is great but the need remains for the other kids that come into care.  So the need for us to continue advocating the sparks continue...  

I don't truly know what the purpose for this post is, but I felt a tug to write it.  Hopefully it resonates with someone who reads it.  Kind of amazing the different thoughts that God has been stirring lately.

A single spark can light a dark room.  His light in us can move mountains and change lives.


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