Thursday, July 21, 2011

sweet cheeks & sugar baba

sweet cheeks & sugar baba

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our foster journey is, "but what about your kids?  How are they handling the thought of other kids living with you?  Aren't you scared they could get hurt? And this?  And that?"

I've said this before but I like to repeat it - your fears were our fears... 

But we are choosing to put trust that God is bigger than any of those fears.  That He has this under control, and we are to just be obedient.  He led us into this, He will see us through it.

We often call our kids sweet cheeks and sugar baba... Sweet cheeks is our four year old daughter and sugar baba is our six year old son... We have daily conversations about the kiddos that someday will join our home with them.

Sweet cheeks and Suga baba love to guess what the kids will look like, talk like, and how they can help decorate their room.  Each night we pray for the child that's out there.  Each night they come up with new questions and ideas and Sweet Cheeks loves to ask 50 times a day when they will be here.

I often wonder if that future child will know how much we prayed for them, wanted them, and have hoped for them.  

This journey isn't my journey... It is our journey - mine, Steve's, sugar baba's, and sweet cheeks'

This has taught my kids more compassion than anything else.  

So, if you have fears about doing something like this - remember - God is bigger.... Always

Sweet Cheeks & Sugar Baba are proof :)

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