Sunday, August 7, 2011

every child should feel safe & loved in their room...

Today we began decorating the room that our foster and/or adoptive children will live in someday...

We were going to wait to do anything to the room until we got a kiddo here, but both Steve and I couldn't wait any longer... So whether we get a girl who is a princess, a rocker, an emo chickie, a tom boy, a glitzy girl, or a girl who even hates pink, lol, we want this room to be somewhere she can call her own and feel loved and adored and safe and secure. 

(AND if we end up getting a boy, I bought a bunch of stuff to switch it all out, :) )

All we need now is a dresser and a night stand - (let us know if you have an affordable one)

We wait patiently for you, lovies...

Our prayer for you...

Dinner is made and the table is set
We saved a spot for you
And we haven't even met

Day by day, we sit, we pray
We wait for you to come
And whether you're here for a day or a year
Our house will be home

We pray each day that you're okay
That the world won't take your beauty away
And grace finds you in the brokenness
And love restores you from your loneliness  

Someday soon we will meet, and we pray we can 
help you find the healing to feel complete
Because you are our child
whether for a day, a year, or a lifetime

You are loved...


Steve and Rachel    

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  1. Wow how exciting! I look forward to hear what God has in store to add to your family!