Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The "f" word...failure that is - hehe

The "f" word...failure that is - hehe

For many years of my life my greatest fear was failing.  Failing at sports, academics, relationships, friendships, work, personal goals, who knows what else but add any other ideas here and you would probably be right.

This past spring before I quit my job, I felt like a failure... I hadn't worked there long, but I hated it.  I didn't want to stay but what would everyone think - that I failed?  

And then I realized I had failed...  I was a big.. fat.. failure..

The fact I was worried what others thought and pondered sacrificing my own happiness  over staying in misery because of what others might think was the "f" word to a T.

[And yes I am kind of enjoying saying the "f" word in this.  It's cheesy but great -- so sorry... Now back to it]

Failing is ugly.  And I was ugly.  But if we don't fall down sometimes then we can never learn or grow or thrive.  And honestly, it's those failures and bumps in the road that make for really great life stories.

The most compelling people I know, are the ones who aren't afraid to share their big mess-ups.  In fact, the best of the best are people who aren't afraid to risk a little, open their hearts, and admit their brokenness.

Failure isn't forever, and success isn't either.  Don't be afraid to dare and stretch and grow.  You will still be loved.

We are all pretty screwed up, and I'll let you in on a little secret:

He likes us messed up ones best.

ps:  the "f" word isn't that bad :)

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