Sunday, August 21, 2011

I think God smiled today...

Today I watched as dear friends old and new showed up to support a young lady they did not even know at a baby shower here at my house.  Blessing after blessing of essential items she needed, and the greatest of these was LOVE...

Every woman in the room showed up with smiles, warm embraces, and practiced two of my favorite words:  "dignity" and "grace".

I think God smiled today at what He saw here.

Intentional love and giving and relationships are messy and at times inconvenient and they stretch us... BUT when we can take brokenness and turn it into beauty - His love and light shines through.  Today was a beautiful mosaic of a young mama trying to better herself, who comes from a hard past, but is fighting for a chance at redemption and she felt that she had to do it all alone - and instead she was met with 25 women who stepped up beside her and committed to sharing the joys and struggles with her.

Thank you to a community that follows after His heart... To friends that trust mine... To all those who give, and love selflessly.

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