Friday, August 12, 2011

Stuck in the mud... // reflections from @csprojectfarm

Stuck in the mud...

As I write this I sit waiting for my husband to drive to Fayetteville to pull me and the creepy van out of the mud at The Farm.

Once again, he will save the day and be my hero, but as I sit here with lightning all around me and rain flooding the path, I can't help but remember God always knows what He is doing - and I felt like this metaphor of "being stuck in the mud" was worth writing about.

Although I am literally stuck out here right now :) I often find myself figuratively feeling stuck.  Stuck waiting, stuck watching, stuck without control.  

The Farm is the perfect example of having to put total faith in God and His work without having any control. So, the fact that we have had a hard season here of too much rain in the spring and too much heat and dryness in the summer isn't a coincidence either.  

God still has this little 10 acre gig in His hands.

And if you ever doubt God's sense of humor, get this:  I have been praying day in and day out for us to have rain and cooler temperatures - and the first week I come out that we do -- 
I get stuck....

My prayer for rain was answered, and now I sit stuck in the mud still with no control at a Farm that was never ours to control to begin with...  

And yet sitting here looking at the green fields, the sweet smell of wet hay and grass, and the magnitude of light and sound God has dancing all around me - I couldn't feel more blessed.

We are so small in this... and He keeps answering our prayers in His perfect timing as always.  

So, I will keep waiting, and watching, and embracing my lack of control in this and I will find joy in this season of "stuck-ness"... 

Here and beyond

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  1. Great insight. So sorry I wasn't there with my tractor but then maybe this was a time meant for you to reflect and feel the energy and power of the Farm. It's wild and it's God's. Hang out with us more often and you will know...gary