Friday, August 5, 2011

There are some nights...

there are some nights...

There are some nights that I can't sleep while I lay wide-eyed in bed in prayers over teenagers out there without homes, or in bad ones... Thinking of the numerous kids young and old who have been shuffled, beaten, starved, neglected, and broken who live here in my backyard and community.

There are some nights that the weight of the problem consumes me and I feel helpless just waiting here for our home to open.  I find myself randomly praying over these kids.  A dirty kid with a mom who is screaming and cursing at them at Walmart - will he be in my home one day?  And if he isn't - is he ok?  If he is, will I be ready to give him the support he needs?

The little neighbor girl who is 4 and her parents let her go in and out of all the kids' houses (including ours) without even knowing us.  Will she be ok?  Will she be in our home someday?

The teenager who I run into at the gas station with cut mark scars on her arms... Where are her parents?  Will she be ours someday?

The numerous kids who I see walking up and down the busiest streets in town who can't be older than 6 or 7 without any adult supervision.  Are she and he my future children?

There are some nights that I just lay here and pray and cry and hope.  Every day is a step closer...  Who does He have waiting for us?

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