Monday, August 22, 2011

we wait, we pray, we love...

Many of you have continued to ask where we are in our foster journey, and the answer still remains the same:

We wait, we pray, we love...

We are done with all we needed to do, but for the last seven weeks we have been waiting on our home study, and we still are not sure when that will take place.  There are a lot of unknowns...  But that is the last step, so when our name tops the list we will have a social worker complete it, and then presto - we are open :)

BUT here are some things I do know:

- we pray for the empty chair(s) at our table each night

- we were given an abundance of things we needed this past week for the room - a second bed (in case we get siblings), a chest of drawers, and I was able to purchase a VERY nice car for a heck of deal that came with a 3rd row seat

- we feel at peace that it is all in His timing

- we have a lot of people who have committed to praying for us

- our love grows for the unknown child each and everyday

We are so incredibly grateful for all those who have reached out with a hand of encouragement, have supplied us with things for the room, and who have helped us embrace Him and His timing in this.

You are ALL beautiful.

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