Wednesday, September 28, 2011

away she goes

away she goes.

When I was younger, I filled my junior high and high school days in student government, mock trial, model united nations, girls state, and was named a Senate Youth Scholar (the one and only still to date named from Northwest Arkansas), I've had chances to do mock debates on the state and national senate floors, and walk up and down the government hallways over conversation with some of the greatest and brightest in politics all before the great age of 18.  I had opportunities most will never have.  I don't say that in a cocky way but in a "I know I've been blessed way."

I prayed and planned that someday I'd have a chance to go into the field, but then I became a young mom and a lot of those prayers and dreams went up on the shelf... then college happened... then life happened... But that prayer has never left me.

Today someone called me out of the blue and said, "rach, have you ever thought about going into the house of representatives because you would totally be great at it"...  

Have I??

So, I'm still praying and listening to God on this one.  The election wouldn't be until November 2012 which gives me lots of time to plan and raise support, but damn... 

I want this.

The real question is, "does He?"

I would finally get the chance to have a real hand in our community.  A real hand in shaping the future of our area.  And I do believe we can do better for ourselves and our kids.  We need more resources for kids, more resources for those living in poverty, more help in breaking down cultural barriers and creating a community that embraces diversity.  

I want to be part of it.  It's time to decide who I want to be, and I want to be one of God's kids that brings Him smiles often regardless of where He leads me.

So please pray for me friends :)

Exciting steps ahead regardless of which direction.  

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