Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The word bella in Italian means beautiful.

For whatever reason, that word keeps circling in my mind as we are about to leap into this new season.


Making the things that are broken bella through courage.

The really beautiful things and people in life are not necessarily the ones who have never been hurt, bruised, or made bad decisions.  It is the ones who overcome those hurts and find healing.

I want to live a crazy and beautiful life.  I want God to use my brokenness to help others.  I want God to use my brokenness to submit to His will for my life.

Let us all not be afraid to do the unthinkable, the scary, the crazy to achieve His kind of beautiful.

Our home will soon welcome two more to it, and it will be messy and crazy and scary and exciting and above all else... bella

At the end of my days, I want God to say, "la sua una vita bella".

It was a beautiful life

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