Sunday, September 11, 2011

soon or SOON?

soon or SOON?

A couple weeks ago we were told that we should hear about getting our final home study soon. This is the last step in our foster care journey before we can officially open as a home... Well, we are still waiting for soon, :)

Through this I am continually reminded of timing, choices, patience, the beauty of the wait, the increased longing it has given us... But a thought occurred to me this weekend that the wait is the journey.

This was the most integral part of all of this. It wasn't the classes, or the fingerprints, or the 100s of papers we had to fill out that grew us and helped develop us. It was the continual trust we have to keep putting in our lives that God has this all perfectly mapped out. I think He knew that I needed this time to lay myself, my need to control, and my lack of patience at His feet.

So, we still wait, and we still pray, and we still love.

We aren't sure how soon, soon, is, :)

But I continue to trust soon will be here right when it needs to be. In the meantime, I'll keep embracing all He keeps putting before us.

For waiting has proved itself to be a beautiful time of faith building and endurance that we will surely need in the next lap of the race :)

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