Sunday, September 18, 2011


yield (ji:ld):  to submit, to surrender; to go on another path; a return on investment; to wait

For those who have been following our foster journey, you know that we have been in a "waiting" period.  And although we try to embrace this season, it has been difficult.  We have had all our ducks in a row and been finished with all our training, etc. since July, and have just been waiting for our final home-study which is something DHS has to do. 

They need homes to open badly.  They have far too many kids, and not enough homes, but they have even fewer social workers to manage getting these home-studies finished and homes opened.  It is frustrating, for both sides.  We have been prayerful though.  We know that everything about this has been part of His plan, and we have been called to submit, called to yield, and now we continue that, but the road is turning.  Turning in a TOTALLY unexplainable and unplanned direction.

Over the past two weeks, we have been approached to take guardianship of two children.  One is a newborn baby that we will only be caring for for a couple months and have temporary guardianship over, the other a seventeen year old who used to be my student and who is trying to finish up her senior year.  Neither kid is in foster care.  AND in fact, had we already opened as a home, we would not even be able to consider helping them.

I cannot help but believe that this was all part of His timing.  Maybe He was not ready for us to help kids in foster care, but help two kids stay OUT of it.  We find out this week on the teen, and next week on the newborn to finalize the guardianship paperwork (and there is still a small chance they will not stay with us) which is why I am choosing to continue to be vague about them.  They deserve the right to have privacy over their situations.  But both kids are wonderful, I am just sayin'.

Never in my life have I ever been approached about becoming a guardian for someone, and I find it hard to believe that both of these circumstances within the same time frame are by coincidence.  Steve and I took some time to pray over both children and the direction God wanted us to take, and decided that this is the right thing to do.  So, as long as the court stuff goes as planned our family will soon be doubling, ahh!

We are excited and scared, joyful and anxious.  What does this mean for our foster journey?  It means we yield.  It means we surrender it, and we wait.  We will wait until God shapes this out and maybe that will mean we don't open as a foster home for a while.  But, in our hearts we will already be doing it.  For Steve and I, it has never been about the measley little stipend you get from DHS.  It has always been about helping kids and families rebuild, and we have been presented two opportunities to do that NOW. 

So, we continue to wait, to pray, to love.  Once we get the final word on these kiddos, I will let you all know, but in the meantime we ask that you pray with us as well.  It is about to get real, quick.  :)

Our journey to foster care = unknown
Our journey to helping and loving kids = more real than ever

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  1. God has brought you to this place for a reason, and only He knows. But you can be sure that He goes before you each step of the way, He walks with you to secure your steps, and He follows behind to pick up anything you may have let go.

    He is with you! How exciting to be in this place of His leading! May God bless you as you open your arms and hearts to His best for you!