Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bye Bye Toyota, Hello Blessings

Bye bye Toyota.  Hello blessings.

A couple days ago I was pulling out of my garage in my new SUV, that was parked next to my old Toyota camry.

Everyday I park next to my old car that's not being used, but haven't had the heart to part with it.  When we got our new car, steve and I had decided to keep my old car in case we got a foster kiddo who needed it.

The girl who is staying with us now, doesn't drive and actually has a car waiting for her when she starts to.  

I started feeling really convicted as I pulled out of our driveway the other day, "this car is just sitting here as an extra and there are many people who don't even have one vehicle."

Then, it occurred to me... The girl I mentor from saving grace has been saving up for a car.  And this girl has been such an amazing example to me of God's strength and love and will.  For a 22 year old, she exudes wisdom way beyond her years, and way beyond my years, lol.

So I called my husband... "honey, what do you think about giving Sweet M the car?"

 I expected he would probably have some kind of hesitation not because he isn't compassionate lol, but because we could sell it for a couple thousand if we wanted to.

Without any hesitation, "I love that idea... I've been thinking the same thing."

So, this weekend we are getting the old girl ready.  This car has been with me through both kids, through a marriage, a divorce, college, my first big jobs, my first house, my amazing marriage to steve, and much much more.

Now it's time to let someone have life in it.  

God has been so good to us, I can't help but feel compelled to be a good steward of His blessings.  

Bye bye Toyota.  Hello blessings :)

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