Wednesday, January 25, 2012

listen... can you see the forest from the trees?

My husband is good at reminding me that sometimes, I need to stop, think, listen...

"Sometimes, Rach, you can't see the forest, because of the trees..."

Maybe I should back up a bit. 

In our house, to have a moment of quiet is a rariety.  Between kids running around, teens running around, newborns crying, ovens beeping, text messages blowing up, bible studies, phone calls, kid shuttling to games, practices, schools, appointments, my own work appointments, meetings, bath times, homework, cooking, cleaning, typing --- there is no moment to say - wow, quiet, wow, silence, wow, nothing.

I have become so used to noise over the years, that now when I don't have it I struggle to find a sense of peace.  I have to sleep with a television on for noise even.  Tis true. 

Now, at times (most times) I find myself living for the noises.  When the kids go away for a weekend here and there to their bio dads, the house gets a little quiet, too quiet.. (even though our teen and her baby are still here, and there is still plenty of clean-up for the week, and meetings, and emails, and everything).

But just to take a tiny moment of the noise away seems eerily uncomfortable.  The noise represents life: my crazy, wonderful, chaotic, fun, exhausting life...

I find this a common theme among many of my friends in the season of life we are in... But, I also feel like maybe in the midst of all this noise, we keep "waiting" for that breather time.  But as we "wait" for a time to not have as much noise, to quiet our lives, we are missing the "dwell" aspect that is far more important.

All the craziness, the hustle and bustle, the busy-ness, are the moments that 20 years from now we are going to look back on and wish we had taken more time to dwell in them.  Because let's face it, my kids are still little and I often cry when I look at pictures of them from just a couple years ago and think - "where did the time go??"

Well, the time is now.

So, here is a new challenge for myself and for many of you who find yourself in the same season...

Stop, and listen to the noise...  The noise of our lives are the memories that will last us a lifetime, they are the moments that we will cherish, and hold onto, they are the hugs are sons still give us, and butterfly kisses our baby girls still give us, they are the moments when you teach your teenager what it means to become a woman before she ventures out on her own, they are the moments where we should take an extra hour every few months to be the "homeroom mom" at our kids school, to cuddle with them, to create our own little stories and traditions...


The noise is beautiful... And twenty years from now, when my kids are all out of the house and Steve and I are here alone and the noise is gone... I am going to long for these crazy days.  Make each moment count, life is far too short, the chaos is beautiful :-)

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