Friday, January 6, 2012

oh baby...

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, but realized I should probably post it here also.  Thanks for praying :)

So I haven't said much, but the past 24 hours have been both a joyous and scary time for our household.

Last night, I was so blessed to be in the room as a coach for Michayla as she went through her labor with baby Patrick. She did so well. He got here, we took lots of pictures, lots of smiles and then I felt something....

I immediately realized I was bleeding...severely.

I had a mini-panic attack. I grabbed a nurse and she and the doctor graciously checked me and agreed I needed to go to see my doctor immediately which was across town at the other hospital. So, after being up there for 36 hours while Mic was laboring, and being super exhausted, I went into scramble mode to get my stuff, make sure she was settled, and then went and got checked into the ER at the other hospital.

My mom helped with the kids, so Steve could meet me there. And we went in expecting the worst. There was a lot of bleeding.

We had to wait forever, but after blood tests, and IV fluids, and ultrasounds, and physical exams, and you name it, they sent us home "to rest" and all we knew was the baby still had a heart beat and looked okay, but there was no telling where or why I was bleeding... Just go wait it out until you can see your doctor tomorrow, and you may or may not miscarry.

What exactly were we waiting for?? Me to have a miscarriage? that's a real comforting thought.

Well, I sent a message out to a few dear prayer warrior friends and came home, propped my feet up as instructed, and fell asleep.

I woke up this morning, tried to get a few work projects done from my laptop, and then headed back to be with Michayla. I was still bleeding. It didn't look too promising.

She was doing amazing, and was going to rest up, and then it was time to head to my doctor's office.

It seemed as though I was there for hours, but really just one hour :)

According to my doctor, the baby is fine, and I have something called complete placenta previa.

I just have to be really careful, take it easy, rest a lot and will have much more frequent ultrasounds and checks...and I'll have to have a csection, which I was going to have to have anyway.

So, praise God! Whoohooo!!!!

Thank you for those who were praying and who will pray. I truly believe it was the power of those prayers that gave us this positive outcome.

We are blessed. Now, sleepy time for me :)


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