Monday, April 23, 2012

A poem for M

I felt like writing poetry tonight... This one is for our girl.

Someday you'll see the dreams I've had for you and you will reach even farther than I could have dreamed.

One day you'll hear the sound of my words as they echo from your own lips to the child you love and hurt for.

And that day you'll realize just how hard those words were to hear and how they are even harder to say.

You'll catch yourself smiling and maybe even burst into tears when you realize a small tiny part of you has become me, and that tiny part has been passed down from generation to generation.

It won't matter that I never carried you in my stomach, or that you were only my little girl for a short time, because regardless of how long I was your mother - you and I will never be the same. We have changed each other. We have cried together, we have experienced joy together, and we have disliked one another, only because we loved each other enough to love without always having to like.

Someday you will look back and realize the seeds that were planted in your life and know we gave you roots and I'll know we also gave you wings.

One day you'll experience loss, and another you'll experience joy. We will be there for both days to listen, sit, and smile.

And that day you'll know and truly believe that we are really your family.

You'll catch yourself smiling or maybe even burst into tears when you realize that trust and unconditional love really can and do exist, and you have both in us.

It won't matter if you and I haven't spoke in a while or if you lose your way. It won't be too long or too far to call on me. Because you and I will never be the same, whether your adventures are prodigal or practical, the love remains the same.

Someday, one day, and that day you are my daughter all the same. And my child, I wouldn't change a thing.

Loving people not the cause...

Another post that I wrote a couple weeks back...

Loving people, not the cause...

We are living in a very "cause-centered" time. You have people totally passionate about helping fight AIDS, or diabetes, or children, or hunger... All of which are amazing and I'm so glad we as a community (and nation) have got to this point...

BUT... There's always a but :)

But about a year ago, I realized that most people only knew Rachel as being "the one who helped teens". I was only known for that cause. And although thats not the worst thing in the world to be known for, lol, it wasn't what my life needed to be known as...

My cause is Jesus. My cause is loving all people. My cause is sticking up to social injustices.

And when I say people knew me as "the TASC girl" I knew me as that too :).

When I left working at the Teen Action and Support Center, I felt I left my passion also, and it took me a while to realize that God had only placed me there for a season, and that season was over, but the cause of Jesus in my life was really just unfolding.

I've spent the last year of my life growing passions that I never knew existed... I have been so fortunate to help fight hunger this year with The Farm, to help advocate for kids in foster care through The Call, to spend a little time with neglected and abused horses, to mentor a young adult through Saving Grace, to walk alongside of someone in the prison system and see them face joys and trials through their own personal redemption, to passionately help single parents at Havenwood, and to help the homeless into housing at Cobblestone.

I think God knew I needed to see the bigger picture. It's really not about any one of these causes, friends, although all are a noble and worthy cause of investing in...

But I don't want my legacy to be that I was the girl that did really well in advocating for something. I want to be known as the one advocating for someone - Jesus.

Every day we have the ability to do small acts of kindness and help change the world for Him. We just have to be willing, :)

Let your cause be bigger than anything here.

Frustration Station... Some Easter thoughts

I wrote this post a few weeks ago but had not had the chance to post it on here.  So, here goes...

Maybe I should keep my opinions to myself, but I find it hard to do that ;) especially these days.

As we approach Easter I want us to consider a few things...

We have all been given the gift of adoption through Christ. His pain, suffering, death, and resurrection allowed us the opportunity to enter into his worldly and eternal family. Aka our adoption story.

So, here is my rant... If we are called to be image bearers of Christ and were given adoption into His family, why do we make excuses to not care for the orphans in our community??

All the time, I hear my good Christian friends say how "if we only had more space we would foster...". Or "if we were in a better financial position...". Or "maybe after we have our 'own' kids" Or "I just don't want to ruin my own children by taking in someone else..."

You realize that if God used the same thought process as this we would not be able to have an eternal life, right?

I'm just saying -

do you live in a space bigger than a car? Or a cot in a shelter?

Then, you probably can offer a lot of kids more space than what they have right now.

Do you make more than minimum wage or do you work at all?

Then, you probably make more money than the homes they came from.

Want to have your 'Own' kids first?

Own kids, really? We are all God's children, so if you truly consider yourself a follower of Christ then please don't say things like that...

Scared of what it will do to your own children?

You may never be able to teach your kids more about grace and mercy than when you show them how to accept someone into your family who is lost and make them found.


I realize for some of us the call to help orphans may look different - we may not all be called to take a kiddo into our home, but we are all called to stand behind helping in some way - whether it be financially, opening our home, volunteering, babysitting, or donating items...

And one other thing, I am so grateful for all the sweet words and people who think we are doing this amazing and selfless thing, but let's get real we aren't doing very much at all... Fostering and adopting is tough, and it may get messy but that's not an excuse to not do it. We have to be obedient to what God has given us. It all belongs to Him anyway. We aren't martyrs LOL we are normal crazy people who don't have all the answers, yet we know to do nothing isn't acceptable.

We "christians" absolutely cannot have the logic that we can't help when we are beneficiaries of adoption ourselves.