Monday, April 23, 2012

Frustration Station... Some Easter thoughts

I wrote this post a few weeks ago but had not had the chance to post it on here.  So, here goes...

Maybe I should keep my opinions to myself, but I find it hard to do that ;) especially these days.

As we approach Easter I want us to consider a few things...

We have all been given the gift of adoption through Christ. His pain, suffering, death, and resurrection allowed us the opportunity to enter into his worldly and eternal family. Aka our adoption story.

So, here is my rant... If we are called to be image bearers of Christ and were given adoption into His family, why do we make excuses to not care for the orphans in our community??

All the time, I hear my good Christian friends say how "if we only had more space we would foster...". Or "if we were in a better financial position...". Or "maybe after we have our 'own' kids" Or "I just don't want to ruin my own children by taking in someone else..."

You realize that if God used the same thought process as this we would not be able to have an eternal life, right?

I'm just saying -

do you live in a space bigger than a car? Or a cot in a shelter?

Then, you probably can offer a lot of kids more space than what they have right now.

Do you make more than minimum wage or do you work at all?

Then, you probably make more money than the homes they came from.

Want to have your 'Own' kids first?

Own kids, really? We are all God's children, so if you truly consider yourself a follower of Christ then please don't say things like that...

Scared of what it will do to your own children?

You may never be able to teach your kids more about grace and mercy than when you show them how to accept someone into your family who is lost and make them found.


I realize for some of us the call to help orphans may look different - we may not all be called to take a kiddo into our home, but we are all called to stand behind helping in some way - whether it be financially, opening our home, volunteering, babysitting, or donating items...

And one other thing, I am so grateful for all the sweet words and people who think we are doing this amazing and selfless thing, but let's get real we aren't doing very much at all... Fostering and adopting is tough, and it may get messy but that's not an excuse to not do it. We have to be obedient to what God has given us. It all belongs to Him anyway. We aren't martyrs LOL we are normal crazy people who don't have all the answers, yet we know to do nothing isn't acceptable.

We "christians" absolutely cannot have the logic that we can't help when we are beneficiaries of adoption ourselves. 

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