Wednesday, May 30, 2012

oh baby...

Well, those who read this that I am friends with on facebook already know the new developments in my pregnancy craziness... but for those who do not, a quick summary is that this week I went into pre-term labor, but was given a shot to help stop it.  I really need to make it a few more days to be considered full-term.

I think it would be a safe conclusion to say this pregnancy has been anything but easy...from having a miscarriage right before this pregnancy, to becoming pregnant again and having hyperemesis and being in and out of the hospital for dehydration repeatedly having IV fluids, then having severe bleeding right out of my first trimester and thinking we were losing the baby... only to discover I had something called placenta previa. 

Then a few weeks later, I had some pains in my lower right side, and they discovered a hernia in my incision from my past c-section.  The past few weeks I have had severe contractions off and on, and this week I started having extreme cramping in my back...leading to getting a shot to help stop labor.

So, it has not been easy... However, it has been humbling.

I have had to learn what it means to slow down.. what it means to say no to people and things... and what it means to learn how to rest (something I am still trying to learn)...

Each of my kids have taught me a new life lesson(s), when Jacob was born I learned what it meant to love, to parent, to sacrifice anything and everything for a baby.  When Greenlee was born I learned what it meant to have to be strong, to provide more than ever before, and to have more grace as I became a single parent.  With this baby, Baby Finley, I am starting to get the feeling God is trying to show me what it means to slow down.

I am ready to meet my new little man, but I want him to be ready.  I keep looking at this picture, which is sort of creepy but also very cool.  It brings me joy that he is already smiling.  :)

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