Tuesday, July 2, 2013

year 28...

So, if you follow me on Facebook you know a lot has happened since my last post.  I am almost sad to see it has been seven months since I have last wrote... In fairness, it has been a busy 7 months.

The truth is the last year has been one of the best and worst of my life. Year 27 brought t...he biggest loss I've ever known or felt with my PaPa's passing followed by my bio dad moving away. I've grieved hard for a year and I have learned grief doesn't have time limits, rules, nor does it play fair. Last year on this day my grandma and grandpa sent me an email telling me how much they loved me and that we would go celebrate with lunch when my PaPa was feeling better. This year, my PaPa is celebrating every day in a much better place but the rest of us bittersweetly miss him.

Year 27 also brought me two children a miracle baby whom came in God's perfect timing, and a teenage son who reminds me everyday more about grace, forgiveness, and redemption. Both have made my life better tremendously.

Year 27 brought me some political experience in running for city council. What started as a promise I made my PaPa, lit a fire in me for this community in bigger ways and helped me really begin thinking of the future of this amazing city. Excited to see what the future holds.

Year 27 also brought me some new medical issues learning about my weird thyroid to which I now know how to manage well

Year 27 brought good health for my loves Jake and Green and brought answers for Jake's reading issues and somewhat of peace in learning to better relate to their bio dad.

Year 27 brought me and Steve closer than we've ever been learning how to be foster parents, and parents to a newborn. It brought us closer as he held me in my grieving tears and as we joyfully celebrated our children's milestones. It made me love him more than I've ever loved anyone or anything.

Year 27 brought me new friendships and renewed friendships. It brought me a new teen girl in my life to mentor who really teaches me way more than I could ever teach her. It also brought me and Mic closer than ever before.

Year 27 brought me a special week with my grandma as we traveled together and explored places we had never seen before.

Year 27 brought 9 new children into our home who we got to love on and learn from. Each leaving me more compassionate and passionate for foster children in our community.

Year 27 brought me a great year with my jobs as we tackled rebrandings, new events, big grants, and policy changes.

Year 27 brought my mom and I closer together. I love her dearly.

Year 27 brought me the blessing of getting to share life with all of you - the good, bad, messy, beautiful, joyful, and mournful times. Thank you all for doing life with me. My world is better because of all of you.

Year 27 brought me last but certainly not least closer to the feet of Jesus as I continue to deepen my dependence on Him. He has saw me through highs and lows and continues to teach me about what breaks His heart by breaking mine for His people. He has shown me grace and given me the freedom to show myself some too.

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